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Amitav Borkakoty has specialised law qualification (CILEx Level 6 Probate Practice with accreditation number -601/3412/4) and is a member of The Society of Will Writers (membership number BO76012612/20). He is also an accredited member of Maplebrook Edge Network. Relevant reserved legal activities under Legal Services Act 2007 are performed through authorised Maplebrook affiliates. 

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Wills and Estate Planning is not always top of mind and a key priority until we receive some life important prompts. A Will gives you full control to decide who benefits from your estate, how it is distributed, and protection for children and loved ones including guardianship. Its critical to consider upfront if planned gifts could fail on legal requirements or the Will could be challenged by unhappy beneficiaries or anyone deliberately excluded. Professional legal advice will adequately mitigate such risks or potential challenges.

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•Think of preparing or revising a Will if you are getting married or entering a civil partnership, getting divorced, having children or grandchildren, acquiring property or assets, change in key appointments such as executors or trustees or guardians, change in beneficiaries, or material change in health and wealth circumstances.  

•Estate Planning at an early stage during lifetime can increase inheritance tax efficiency and protect the value of estate passing to your loved ones. This can be achieved through mitigants such as making qualifying gifts and or putting assets in eligible Trust structures. Trusts also enable you or your beneficiaries to ringfence the assets from creditor or bankruptcy claims, divorce settlements or financial predators.

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Amitav Borkakoty, 
MSWW, The Society of Will Writers

Will Writer and Estate Planner
  • Probate Practice, Level 6, Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx)
  • Client Care Skills, Level 6, CILEx
  • GDL, University of Law, London